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Out of Office/Home Assistance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011875D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-25

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Up to now, a user of a voice communication system like a telephone has the possibility to get missed phone calls by a mail box or an answering machine. These devices are only useful if the calling party leaves a message. There is also the possibility to get the phone number of a person who has called if the features CLIP and CLIR are activated. The „Out of Office/Home Assistance“ provides several new features for the user to get more information about missed phone calls and several interaction possibilities. The different features can be activated by the user directly on the device or remote-controlled. The new procedure keeps the data of all incoming phone calls, especially the data of incoming phone calls with no messages left. Basically the number of each calling party will be kept. But the procedure also keeps the date and the time of the calls and the number of how often somebody tried to reach the user. The user can answer all missed phone calls shown on the display of the device directly. This list of missed calls can be displayed as often as the user wishes. Further the user can generate a black-white list where persons can be listed whose phone calls the user expects. So he gets the notification „called“ or „did not call“ to the corresponding entry.