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Click Capture and Replay Mechanism Through Trusted Third Parties Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011911D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-25
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With the proliferation of Web based transaction systems, it is often necessary to have access to an authentic record of transaction history in case of disputes between Web merchants and customers. Transaction logs can't solve the problem because they can be manipulated and do not provide the requisite level of trust between the buyer and the seller. Consider an example where a customer visits a Web site to make a time-dependent purchase (like an airline ticket) and goes through the necessary steps; however the transaction fails unbeknown to the customer (for whatever reason - heavy load, dropped packets etc.) who thinks it is a successful transaction. In such cases, Web merchants typically deny culpability and ask the customer to redo the transaction, often at a higher price (in the case of the airline ticket, say). The buyer is penalized through no fault of his own. This disclosure proposes the involvement of a trusted (by both customer and merchant) third party to capture the transaction states and for secure storage which can later be used to resolve disputes.

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Click Capture and Replay Mechanism Through Trusted Third Parties

The key idea is a trusted third party who records the essential transaction states - including pages, cookies, clicks, snapshots etc. For important transactions the user can turn this click/snapshot capture mechanism ON. The Website can offer this feature to improve user trust. The moment the user invokes it, relevant states are captured by the vendor offering the services (the trusted third party) in a secure space, identified by the relevant session ID, merchant ID, user cookies etc. As the user goes through different states in making a purchase, the states and the corresponding actions/events are recorded by the third party site. All the information necessary to recreate the transaction are captured and stored securely.

In case of disputes, the click capture and replay mechanism can be invoked to determine the exact nature of events that occurred and figure out culpability etc. The trusted third party will probably charge the merchant a fee for these services.

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