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Method of the criteria determination to the Internet search Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011923D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-26
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A program is disclosed regarding a method of the criteria determination to the internet search with "FILE" information. By using FILE information with the predefined keywords, users can easily get the expected search result without finding the appropriate search keywords or typing the long search keywords.

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JP820020693 Koichiro Kato/Japan/IBM Yukiko Yasuda, Natsuki Miyamoto

Method of the criteria determination to the Internet search

  A program is disclosed that the criteria determination to the internet search is set by dragging & dropping the "FILE" with the assistance predefined keywords. The current internet search requires to set keywords by input with keyboard or voice, and users need to know what kind of keywords should be set to get the expected result. However, it is difficult to know the appropriate keywords for the search criteria determination, and this program support users to set the appropriate keywords by setting FILE and predefined keywords.

The procedure of this program is:
1. Receive the file information as the search target set by drag and drop on the system
2. Check the filename, file extension, information included file-property, such as the owner, keyword and so on.
3. Based on the file extension, load the predefined template which are prepared for each filetype.
4. Generate the search keywords with the specified templates.
5. Send the generated keywords to the internet search engine as the search criteria in text.

This program can lead the following advantages:
1. Utilize the file as the search criteria in addition to text. This can lead users to reduce the effort of keyboard input, and this would be helpful to beginner user, especially.
2. Support to find the appropr...