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Use of Web Interface to Select Target of Remote Control Action Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011932D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-26
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Use of web-based interface to select parameters and invoke proxied invocation of a workstation remote control session

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Use of Web Interface to Select Target of Remote Control Action

Disclosed is a method for providing a user interface for selecting targets for an authenticated workstation remote control session through an object-oriented management infrastructure. The use of a web based user interface the problem of generating the commands to invoke a session between an controlling workstation and a target workstation, when information regarding potential targets are contained within multiple systems management infrastructures and session invocation must be performed through the appropriate infrastructure.

The situation that was resolved through this solution was providing a group of administrators access to resources that were owned by separate regional infrastructures. Each regional infrastructure had a "remote control object". When invoked with a controller workstation and target workstation name, this object would allow a user at the controller to take over the target by issuing the program calls to the controller and target to start a session between themselves. With thousands of potential targets, it would be possible that the same target label would be duplicated in separate infrastructures. Authorization to the regional infrastructure had to occur for a session between a controller and target to be initiated. The remote control object which existed on the regional infrastructure that owned the target had to be used to start the session as it had the data and the infrastructure connection which would be required for session initiation. The choice of which object to use would be difficult for a help desk person to make as it would require determining the regional infrastructure that owned the target. This would require time consuming interaction with the owner of the target workstation. To utilize the standard product interface to the infrastructure would require uniquely connecting to each regional server infrastructure.

Object data collected from each infrastructure containing target workstations is collected and placed within a common database. This collected data must contain an identifier for the infrastructure from where each target record was c...