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Automated Encrypted Webpage Duplication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011966D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-27
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Most companies today have private intranets containing a wealth of information. It may happen that a sales/research/development team needs to make a webpage on the private intranet available to a customer/business partner that is outside the company firewall. To solve this without giving the customer complete access to the intranet is by an encrypted duplication of webpages. Description of a method to automate this process is given below.

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Automated Encrypted Webpage Duplication

Solution for the above problem is to create an encrypted copy of the webpage on a publicly available web server. The web page will be encrypted using the customer's public key. The customer may then simply access the webpage on the public server and decrypt it for viewing using their private key.

Management approval will most likely be needed to proceed with such actions. The solution proposes that webpages that can be duplicated in this fashion include certain html tags indicating:
a. Whether they need management approval
b. How many levels of approval are needed and from which managers

Automated Duplication Process: When an employee needs to duplicate a webpage he may start this process by filling out a small web form that only asks for the customer's public key, customer's name/contact information and a reason for duplication. The automated process now: - Processes the special tags in the webpage and if management approval is needed, sends emails to the managers in the appropriate order - When all necessary approvals are received, the webpage will be duplicated, encrypted and installed on the public server - A notification mail will be sent to the employee indicating that the duplication is complete - An optional notification mail may also be sent directly to the customer

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