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Chronic Transcutaneous Trigeminal Neurostimulation as a Therapy for Epilepsy Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011988D
Publication Date: 2003-Mar-28

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Todd K. Whitehurst James P. McGivern [+details]
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Stimulating the trigeminal ganglion, the trigeminal nerve, and/or a branch(es) of the trigeminal nerve via transcutaneous neurostimulation may provide therapeutic benefit in the management of epilepsy. The trigeminal nerve may be stimulated with a transcutaneous neurostimulation unit such as a transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation (TENS) unit or an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) unit. For instance, adhesive transcutaneous electrodes (e.g., TENS electrodes) may be placed on the skin of the face overlying a trigeminal ganglion, a trigeminal nerve, and/or one of the branches of a trigeminal nerve (e.g., the ophthalmic nerve, the maxillary nerve, and/or the mandibular nerve).