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Smart Instant Messenger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012012D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-02
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The instant messenger programs like AOL are becoming day by day more popular but they usually provide simple or limited functionalities. This invention is to create a smart instant messenger that provides more functions in order to improve the usage and the powerful of these tools.

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Smart Instant Messenger

A program is disclosed which provides a new set a functions not yet available in the current instant messengers. They will make the instant messenger program more usable and powerful. These are the functions that the Smart Instant Messenger will provide:

check and correct the typical smiling faces and other emoticons (specific symbols

popular in chat). For example have you ever sent a wrong smiling face ? for example :_) instead of :-). The smart instant messenger will inform you, and fix if you want, about this possible error before sending the message. It is like a sort of emoticon checker. It will parse the phrase inserted and using a dictionary it will made the proper checks. For examples:

In this case a wrong smiling face has been typed. When I press the return button a pop up message will ask if we want to change the emoticon providing also some

samples like: . Now it is possible to choose the proper emoticon, clicking on it, or do not change it using another button. have a different on-line and/or off-line message depending on who wants to chat

with you. In the configuration panel there will be the possibility to configure it and specify different messages. Currently it is possible to specify only a generic message. Extending this functions should be easy. Instead of having a unique message the instant messenger must have the ability to maintain a message for every defined buddy. the possibility to send the same message to more people creating groups or





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selecting more users. It will avoid boring "cut & paste"...