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Consolidation and downloading of mail on an online mail service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012043D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-03
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A method to consolidate and download messages from an online mail service using a web browser and HTML form controls.

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Consolidation and downloading of mail on an online mail service

Online mail services have become popular by giving users the ease and flexibility to send, receive, and manage their e-mail without the need of third-party software. Users only require the use of a web browser to access their favorite online mail service. With the rapid popularity of these online mail services, there has also been a demand for more tools that would further ease the management of the user's online e-mail. For example, the ability to add/delete/modify folders has become a welcome addition, and the ability to move the online e-mail from one folder to another with ease has also become popular.

At times, though, a user may feel the need to save a copy of one or more of his/her messages on a local system for whatever reason (security, disk space/quota, and so on). Currently, most online mail services do not give the user the option to select one or more messages and download the file(s) as a single package from within the web browser. Please note that some online mail services do allow third-party e-mail readers to download selectable messages to the user's local system. However, none of these allow this access solely from the web browser without any additional software.

This method allows a user to select the messages on a web page that they wish to download to their local system. After making their selection - whether it be one, several, or all messages - the user can then select a forma...