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Easy and convenient umbrella rentals with iMode and WebApplication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012054D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-04
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Disclosed is an idea of easy and convenient umbrella rental process using imode(*) and Web Application System. Using this idea, authentication process is simplified yet the reliability of it is still maintained relatively high. In addition, fee collection is done by a carrier (Telecommunication company) so that building a fee collection system from a scratch is not necessary. However, since a carrier only collects fees for providing information, the fee is collected not for rented umbrellas but for providing inventory information to a user in this idea. *Trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

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Easy and convenient umbrella rentals with iMode and WebApplication

Following 3 entities and terminals interact together to attain this idea.

- User : imode(*)

- Rental Agency : PC or any other devices to have an access to Internet

- Server : PC or any other devices to implement Web Application Service

A user accesses to the server with using imode(*), and he/she will put a rental request. Rental agency accordingly accesses to the server and confirm the user's request and rent out an actual umbrella. After user finishes using the umbrella, he/she returns it to a rental agency. (User does not necessary have to return it where he/she has exactly rented.)

Advantages of this idea:

- By correlating a user ID with a terminal ID, rental agency can easily identify and authenticate a user. - User can easily put a rental request and rent an umbrella just by inputting a user ID and selecting desired rental agency location. - The fee collection is done by carrier, and fee collection occurs when a user rents an umbrella at first time or without having another umbrella returned.

Diagram 1 presents the Function Block for the idea. As a precondition, rental agency role is played by convenience store(CS), and an Internet accessible terminal is assumed to be in a store.

Diagram 1

Diagram 2 shows the Flow of the idea

(When renting)


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1. For the first time a user renting an umbrella, he/she accesses to specified web page using imode(*) and registers his/her user ID.
2. The registered user ID is correlated with a terminal ID and these data are saved as a set in Server Database. [*i]
3. A user chooses a desired location of CS and checks for inventory ava...