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Detect and Deploy -- Autonomically Persisting Redundant Network Device Configurations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012056D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-04
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  Detect and Deploy -- Autonomically Persisting Redundant Network Device Configurations

       Disclosed is a method for automatically configuring network devices in a redundant fashion and keeping their settings redundant after one of the configurations has changed. Network administrators desire two qualities in their network: reliability and manageability. As the number of network devices increases, the mean time between failure of the network decreases. Thus, it is desirable to configure devices in a redundant fashion, but doing so adds complexity to the network and increases configuration time. Network administrators often want to set up two devices in a redundant configuration so that if one device fails, the other can take over. Even though these devices are by definition configured almost identically, with most current network hardware administrators must configure each device manually, drastically raising the total cost of maintaining the network. For example, the IBM BladeCenter chasses typically ship with redundant switch modules -- i.e. 2 ethernet switches and 2 fibre channel switches. Each of the processor blades then typically uses adapter teaming or active/passive failover to create two physically separate paths to the external network. However, this causes additional complexity for the user in terms of initially configuring the switches and restoring the configuration on switch failure. Furthermore, any changes in the switch configuration must be manually applied to both switches.

     This disclosure describes a software method for automatically configuring and maintaining the device redundancy. This technology is implemented, for example, in IBM Director's Detect and Deploy technology for BladeCenter SwitchModules. When administ...