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Method and Apparatus for on-demand, no-intervention anytime, anywhere star mapping Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012061D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-04
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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for mapping and identifying the stars without any intervention from the user. Specifically, a method to create a PDA which will identify any star that is pointed at, or map the stars where the device held.

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  Method and Apparatus for on-demand, no-intervention anytime, anywhere star mapping

Disclosed is a method and technique to create an apparatus which is a device capable of displaying a map of the stars at the current location, time, and portion of the sky without any human intervention or outside information. The device could hand portable and hand held if desired. To use the invention, the hand held device is held up against the sky, or is looked down into and the current sky is mapped and the stars and constellations are identified by name. The device is unique in that unlike other techniques currently available which provide this function, this one requires no human intervention. That is, it is not necessary to "page" through sky maps, or enter into the device the current location or time as other such techniques require.

The device is created by a unique combination of existing technology. The following components are required in the hand held device: star maps/computer mapping program, Global Positioning System (GPS), compass, clock, and accelerator or gyroscope to measure the angle the device is held at. The GPS is used to locate where on earth the viewer is standing. The clock is used to determine the time of the evening. With these two inputs the software star maps can be consulted or the locations of the starts can be calculated. With this a map of the sky that is around the viewer can be determined. The compass within the device is used to determine whic...