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A Usability Dashboard Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012066D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-04
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A Usability Dashboard is provided to visualize the key objective and subjective measures gathered in either usability tests or periodic surveys of end users. No known solutions exist for the problem of automatically gathering, reporting, trending, and making this information visible.

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A Usability Dashboard

Usability is measurable with quantitative and qualitative data. An example of a quantitative metric is number of calls for help, while an example of a qualitative metric is user satisfaction with some aspect of the product. This information is collected during usability tests in laboratory environments, customer environments, and via surveys. A data collection tool would gather the inputs and automate the depiction of this information in a Usability Dashboard. Further, the tool could perform trending analysis/graphing to show how various usability parameters are behaving over time. The advantage of such a solution is automating the gathering of the information and its presentation in an easy to use/understand format.

Since much of the data is qualitative in nature, e.g., user comments on likes and dislikes about a product,

The Usability Dashboard tool would also perform an analysis of the textual information for themes, synonyms, common phrases and groupings of words. The comments could be categorized in terms of positive and negative comments as well as suggested improvements.

Comments can be trended over time

An example of the content of a Usability Dashboard can be visualized to include graphs for

Performance over time Task Errors and Requests for Help Problems
Satisfaction Ratings

Some of this data is gathered via heuristic reviews, usability testing, and product surveys. Other data that can be gathered and reported are

User comments -- p...