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Particulate compositions and their use in personal care products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012080D
Publication Date: 2003-Apr-07

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Disclosed are a method of modulating fluctuations in the surface temperature of the body or a part thereof, comprises application of a personal care or cosmetic formulation that contains an effective amount of a microencapsulated phase change material to at least a part of said body, and personal care or cosmetic compositions that contain said materials. Preferably the capsule shell material is a reaction product of methacrylic acid and at least one alkyl ester of (meth)acrylic acid which forms a homopolymer having a glass transition temperature in excess of 60° C and having microencapsulated within a hydrophobic phase change material, such as one or more paraffinic hydrocarbons, which undergoes a phase change from solid to liquid at a temperature from about 25 to 39° C.