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Methods of Placement of Neurostimulation Lead, Infusion Catheter, and/or Sensor via the Vasculature to the Brain Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012135D
Publication Date: 2003-Apr-10

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The present invention provides a method for delivery of medical devices such as leads, catheters, and/or sensors via the vasculature to the brain. The methods of the present invention provide less invasive and less cumbersome procedures for patients and physicians than traditional stereotactic procedures. More specifically, the present invention provides methods for placing a lead(s) for neurostimulation, specifically deep brain stimulation, via the vasculature. The present invention also provides methods for placing an infusion catheter(s) via the vasculature to facilitate targeted application of drugs to neural tissue. The present invention also provides methods for placing a sensor(s) via the vasculature near neural tissue for detection of electrical, chemical, or other activity.