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An Expert System for Dynamically Aggregating the Content of a Portal page Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012148D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-11
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This invention is designed to enable the portal server a dynamic way of generating customized Java Server Pages (JSP) based on the client device and its browser's capabilities for rendering a portlet's content. As a result, this invention will enable the portal server with a mechanism to support multiple mobile devices without the needs of pre-installed multiple JSPs in each portal application.

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An Expert System for Dynamically Aggregating the Content of a Portal page

Description of the Invention and Its Advantages

Currently, to support multiple mobile devices, each portlet application needs to include multiple customized JSP* sets, one set per device. However, this approach is inefficient in supporting a large number of devices. Thus, due to this limitation, in some devices the contents can not be rendered properly if the portlet does not have the supported JSPs. To overcome this problem, this invention, the Expert System for Dynamics Portal Aggregation (ESDPA), provides a dynamic way for generating customized JSPs at run-time to support any mobile device. This solution provides the following advantages to mobile computing and portal technology:

1. Increasing the number of supporting mobile devices by dynamically generate customized JSPs in real-time to aggregate the portal contents.
2. Reducing the portlet development cycle by not minimizing the amount of pre-installed customized JSP sets.
3. Easy to extend the system's capability for adapting new mobile devices and platforms by updating the system's knowledge base.

Overview of the ESDPA system and Its Operations

This ESDPA system is designed as an additional component in the in the portal server. The system's architecture, as shown in Figure 1, is built around an artificial intelligent knowledge-base. The ESDPA system is invoked when the portal transcoder failed to locate the correct customized JSPs for a particular device. The ESDPA collects information from the client device, the invokes a set of rules to generate a new set of JSPs based on the client device's characteristics and specifications. The new JSPs are reinserted into the portlet's structure and the upgr...