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Automated LED-Based Calibration Methodology and Apparatus for PET and PET–CT Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012149D
Publication Date: 2003-Apr-11

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PET is performed using block-based detector system in most good PET platforms. The front-end detector system, consisting of blocks of Bismuth Germinate (BGO) crystals are organized into M x M crystals optically coupled to dual or quad photomultiplier tubes (PMT). Signals from the individual crystals are decoded by taking ratios of the four PMT signals. Historically, front-end detector calibration for PET has consisted of the following four calibrations: Position Maps, PMT Gains, Energy, and Normalization. The method and apparatus described herein is based on the use of a well-controlled light source placed on the front end of each crystal in the PET system. With proper control, stability and sequencing, this system can allow pulsing of the crystals in such a manner as to produce the signals required to perform all of the aforementioned calibrations.