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Automatic input method of electronic form Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012168D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-15
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A program is disclosed that an automatic data input method based on user viewpoint. Using an electronic form such as ordering form and/or application form on electronic commerce on the web page, often confront the homogeneous work such as address, name, telephone number and so on. It's too much of a bother every time. For resolving this problem, automatically fill the form adding the typical word which is registered on the PC as a profile data - address, name, telephone number, mail ID, etc.) by analyzing the data input field of the web page. Since there are many electronic forms and typical words on the web, this idea has high versatility and re-usability. Also, as profile data, which include personal data, are stored only in the client PC that is owned by users themselves, safely handle this process with keeping the privacy and security. Thus, avoiding the input operation every time about the typical word, achieving the very convenient function for the user. Also, by using this method, this is not only for an electronic commerce, but also for various electronic applications.

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Automatic input method of electronic form

  Usually, the automatic input method of web page uses a cookie between client and Server.

This method needs the registration by every service provider. If service provider is different, user must entry on each occasion. And there are many cases that it is no way to use above method in case of various services such as a questionnair web site.

Some application has a similar function, but most application will send the form without user permission. The demerit of above method is that user cannot have a choice of sending the form.

On the other hand, IAE (input assist editor) or FEP (front end processor) has a similar function but these methods require not a little typing operation.

Thus, though there is some similar method, some is not a versatile or other is not adequate function.

This invention focuses on attention to the sameness of the typical word, when user open the web page, automatically check the key word and pick up a user registered word from the profile data on the client PC, add the registered word to the web page data without any typing operation. This idea is based on the user viewpoint not on the service provider. In addition, no action and/or modification will be required to the server side potion.

The details are described below.

Fig.1 shows the functional block diagram. The new idea is shown by dotted line. It consists of web browser, profile data registration method and analyzing and modification method of web page data. The key word such as address, name, etc. is stored on the client PC by using profile data registration method. This is feasible to create the text format file by using a text editor.

Fig.2 shows the flow of profile data registration. If the environment of single user, it seems user does not care about the security aspect. However the profile data must be encrypted at multi-user environment.
1. Making the profile data, which includes a key word for auto-recognition and input at the input field.
2. Multi-user environment or not.
3. In case of multi-user, encrypt the profile data with user ID and password.
4. Register the encr...