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Email Adresses Exclusion in an Email Group Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012243D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-22
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Email Adresses Exclusion in an Email Group

    Currently, any email systems out there let users create groups with a list of people in there, so the users don't have to write a list of addresses when they compose the emails. However, the problem arises whenever a user wants to send a group an email but at the same time not to everyone in that group. With the current technology, there are only the cumbersome ways to accomplish the task: 1) a user would have to expand the group to see all the email addresses and then deletes those unwanted recipients. 2) He/she has to create a new group without the particular individual(s); or 3) He/she has to manually type all the names within the entire group excluding the particular individuals.

See Figure 1 as a possible implementation of a way to exclude individuals from an e-mail group.

Figure 1

Here in Figure 1, you can see that an email group named Dirk's Team which contained a list of email addresses. Dirk Nicol wants to exclude Peter Yim and Steve Brody in the sender. So, he puts the two names in the brankets <> to exclude them. There are other ways to implement the UI for exclusion. Another way would be to have an exclude field ( exclude: ), possibly after bcc:, for users to enter the excluded users or groups.

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