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Instant Messaging Clarification Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012244D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-22
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Disclosed is a new way to manage instant message communications. Often during an instant messaging conversation one of the parties does not understand what the other is saying. Clarification of a particular message is needed. Currently, because of the serial nature of Instant Messaging, one has to retype or restate the message that is not clear. This takes time and can become even more confusing. It is proposed that the sender has the ability to go back and edit a previous instant message while the receiver can watch the editing happen in real time.

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Instant Messaging Clarification

The following is an example of how this invention will allow for same time clarification of instant messages. In Figure 1, a confusing instant message is sent (by Dirker) and the receiver (tou na praia) of the instant message asks for clarification.

Figure 1

In Figure 2, the sender (Dirker) of the instant message clicks on the conversation window and begins to edit his previous message. The receiver (tou na praia) can see the edits happening in real time.


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Figure 2

In Figure 3 the sender (Dirker) has completed his edits.

Figure 3

In Figure 4 the receiver (tou na praia) edits her statement to clarify her previous statement. Again, Dirker can see these edits happening in real time.


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Disclosed by International Business Machines Corporation


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