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Nondisruptive Migration Agent for CMVC and Like Products. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012245D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-22
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Nondisruptive migration agent for SCM products

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Nondisruptive Migration Agent for CMVC and Like Products.

  A program is disclosed that provides no disruption in SCM (software configuration management) and DT (defect tracking) service, when migrating from one version a of a product to another versioin of a different product. This migration agent program will work in conjunction with both running SCM/DT systems, the new system (the one being migrated to) will have limited access to only the agent and the old system will continue in operation.

Having both SCM/DT systems active will enable normal development, support and test operations to progress without having to stop key systems to perform off-line migrations. Each migrated piece of data will be marked. Once migration has completed, the agent will continue to operate to synchronize the systems. At that point, the new system should be ready for use. Once access is enabled to the migrated system, usage of the new system can be actived. The migrated system can be stopped along with the agent.

This migration agent can run at different times of the day and with varied process priorities to ensure minimal impact to existing users of the system. Since migrated pieces of data are marked, suspension and resumption of the agent are possible. Using this approach will enable software project team to move to the most appropriate system for their work, reducing the burden of migration impacts.

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