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Accuracy improvement of selection of source and destination points in speech recognition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012254D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-23

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Disclosed is a system to improve speech recognition accuracy for the system that needs to ask a user to input source and destination points by speech recognition. The speech recognition is a useful method in the system that needs to ask a user to choose one from many like the system that provides information of the routes between two train stations, departure and arrival time and so forth. Because a user needs to go through many steps to reach source and destination station name that the user wants to input in GUI system. However, many choices sometimes cause bad recognition accuracy, consequently this may degrade usability seriously. Our system improves recognition accuracy by utilizing additional information, that is time required from source to destination point, whether the destination is a major train station or not, the departure time's probability - e.g. departure time at 2AM or 3AM is in low probability - and so on. We can derive these kinds of information from the words defined in the grammar and the recognition results. Our system utilizes these kinds of information to improve recognition accuracy by adding "weight" to the grammar and making corrections on the order of recognition results sorted by the score.