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Access Data Base for HW's inventory/maintenance

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012259D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-23
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Hardware Reservation Tool (HRT): The disclosure is designed to manage and share/reserve between different projects a fleet of workstations. It is based on a database asset schema. Some administrators and end-users are defined to administer/assign the HW to the projects that have HW requiriments.

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Access Data Base for HW's inventory/maintenance

The HRT is a Web Interface tool, designed to manage and share thousands of boxes owned by the same BusinessUnit and used/shared between many projects. In this way, based on the project requirements the project team leader can preserve the required HW for the defined time frame .
1.1 Interfaces (UI)

create project create reservation add machines to reservation by name add machines to reservation by operating system add machines to reservation by possible operating system add machines to reservation by hardware type remove machines from reservation
list projects
list contact name
list reservations
list machines by name list machines by operating system list machines by possible operating systems list machines by location list machines by hardware type
1.2 Additional features/limitations:

   email to users list of {machine,current OS} given reservation ID ticket list of possible OSes given machine ID generate usage statistics by machine generate usage statistics by operating system multiple team checkout of boxes is supported through the use of "slots" *** PCs in general have only one slot available. *** Each machine has some maximum number of teams that can use it simultaneously, which is generally set in some fashion related to the power of the box. Faster machines can, in general, support more simultaneous use. For a particular machine, each place that can be reserved by a team is called a "slot". Slots may be taken up either by a permanent allocation, or by a limited time reservation.
1.3 Reservation's details

reservation granualarity of 1 day reserve machines individually by machine name reserve machines by specifying number of machines desired and OS list contact names for reservations
change reservations
1.4 Inventory/Reservation's Administration:

The Inventory/Reservation system should be concerned with two classes of users: users and admins. Users can view the machine inventory, but not change it. And the users will be able


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to reserve machines on a time-expiring basis. Admins can change the database. All authorities are assigned to LDAP user ids as outlined below:
1.5. Reservation Tool Authorities Admin
Super Admin Machine Owner Backup Machine Owner Project Lead Backup Project Lead Authorized User (user who has been authorize...