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Trendy hair Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012321D
Publication Date: 2003-Apr-29
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Trendy hair

A head of hair can be made very trendy by putting heat shrink sleevings around little tresses of hair and applying a hot hair styler having some form to the heat shrink sleeving. The shrunk sleevings can stay in the hairs for at least an evening out, but even for a couple of days.

People often want to have only temporary colors or forms in their hairs. Heat shrink sleevings at all kinds of (combination of) colors can be put into the hair and all kinds of forms can be made by shrinking the heat shrink sleeving in a pre-defined form using elevated temperatures. However, the diversity in forms of "traditional" hot styling equipment is limited. The application of a hot hair dryer for shrinking heat shrink sleevings around hairs is very awkward and only creates straight forms. As a solution, styling equipment should be supplied with interchangeable attachments. One can think of forms as zig-zag patterns, a thunderbolt, and/or a socket that locally forms a balloon and is crimped at the other locations. In addition the heat shrink sleevings can be decorated with� pictures or text before applying the elevated temperature.

The working principle is as follows: due to the heat of the hair styler the heat shrink sleeving shrinks (its internal diameter decreases) and the sleeving stays around the hair. The form of the shrunk sleeving depends on the hair styler form chosen. When needed, the shrunk sleeving can be removed easily by pulling it in the direction of the tip of the hairs.

The use of heat shrink sleevings can also be used for local hair coloring. Local coloring of hair tresses is� considered to be very difficult. Using heat shrink sleevings to control the areas that should be colored and those that should not be colored (covered by the sleeving), local coloring is made possible....