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Printer based forward space function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012359D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-30
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Forward space function via a printer user interface.

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Printer based forward space function

Disclosed is a function, available on a printer user interface to forward space into a print job. Prior implementations of forward spacing have been done in host applications or printer drivers. Placing the function of forward spacing on the printer user interface allows the printer operator to achieve forward spacing if the host or print driver does not support forward spacing as well as when the host or print driver is inaccessible to the printer operator.

  Forward space in the context of printing means to begin printing at a given page in a print job after the first page of job. Given a print job composed of pages 1, 2, 3 ... x ,..., n-2, n-1, n, where n is the last page of the job, and x is some page greater than 1 and less than n. Forward spacing means that pages x through n will be printed and pages 1 through x-1 will not. Forward spacing is desired when a portion of a print job has already been printed but the print job was interrupted prior to its completion. For example, 500 pages of a 1000 page print job have completed when a power outage occurs. Without forward spacing, the first 500 pages of the job would have to be reprinted.

  If the host or print driver cannot be used to forward space, the printer operator uses the operator interface on the printer to input the number of pages not to print, or equivalently, the first page number of the print job to be printed. The printer accepts all pages of the print job from the...