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Wrapper for the Java Application Launcher for the windows Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012393D
Publication Date: 2003-May-04

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Applications written in Java are launched using the "Java" tool. It does so by starting the Java Runtime Environment, loading the specified class and then invoking that class's main method. The java tool must be initiated in a command line interface shell. Here mypackage.Main is the class that contains the main method that needs to be invoked. The java runtime searches for the "mypackage.Main" class in three sets of locations, the bootstrap class path, the installed extensions, and the user class path. Developers normally use the user class path to specify the location from where the main class and the associated classes have to be loaded. Every time a new session of the command line interpreter is started, the above process must be repeated. An alternative would be to write a dos based script to perform the above operations. The user then would launch the application by double clicking on the batch file. This however is not consistent with the way windows applications are launched. The invention describes an application that hides the complexities involved in launching a java application from the user, and provides a consistent launch mechanism as that of any standard windows application.