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Electrolytic Hydrogen Regenerative System Power Interface Scheme Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012427D
Publication Date: 2003-May-07

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An improved means of electrically interfacing the components of a regenerative hydrogen system generally including an electrical energy input source, an electrolytic hydrogen producer with compression equipment, hydrogen storage, a generator that produces electricity from hydrogen (eg. a fuel cell or an internal combustion engine (ICE) generator), a main power converter for providing AC/DC power output, and an optional small energy storage medium for additional energy storage or power "ride-through". The improved means consists of direct electrical connection between the electrical components mentioned above, with power converter equipment only used at the main system output, optionally at the fuel cell/ICE gen. set output, for auxiliary power, for charging the small energy storage, and at the input of the electrolytic hydrogen producer if the input energy source is from an AC grid. The scheme utilizes proper electrical matching of the components and effective control techniques. This matching and control, plus the minimal use of power converter equipment, improves the overall efficiency of the system, lowers the capital cost, improves the reliability, lessens the size and weight, and simplifies repair and maintenance.