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IMAGE, REVIEW: Preboot Image Sync to Server (Estroff) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012443D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-07
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When a system is deployed to a user and is booted for the first time, synchronize the entire pre-load image or components of the pre-load image between with a master image on a network server (maintained by an image administrator).

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IMAGE, REVIEW: Preboot Image Sync to Server (Estroff)

    PROBLEM: The dynamic nature of hardware and software often causes device drivers and/or applications to require updating between the time an image is deployed to a system and the time the system is first booted. Today, this is typically resolved by either reloading the entire updated image prior to first boot, or by installing the updated device drivers and/or applications after first boot.

    INVENTION: When a system is powered on by the end user for the first time (at first boot), synchronize the image between the system and a master image on a network server (maintained by an image administrator). This will capture image updates to operating systems, device drivers and/or applications prior to first boot. An Image Sync can be performed at any of the following levels:

Sync the entire image Sync by module type - update operating system, device drivers, and/or applications. Sync by module type and families - update device drivers by family (e.g. video drivers, network drivers, audio drivers, etc.), or applications by family (e.g. graphics apps, corporate apps, engineering apps, etc.).

    SOLUTION: This problem is solved by comparing modules on a local image (in the Service Partition) to modules on a network image and syncing them using the following logic:

Delete modules from the local image that are NOT on the network image. Do nothing to modules that are exactly the same (binary compare) on both the local image an...