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Video Intervention for Systems Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012453D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-07
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Systems management adapters currently require drivers and application software in order for a local user to receive on-screen notification of events such as error or warning conditions. Described herein is a method of notifying the user via the local display of a problem without having to load drivers or application software. The method entails a systems management adapter intervening on the outgoing video signal to alter the display in such a way that it carries a message to the user.

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Video Intervention for Systems Management

      The method described here works by intervening on the outgoing video signal just before the VGA connector to signal the user of a problem. The simplest way to implement this would be to ground the Green and Blue lines (pins 2 and 3) in a periodic fashion such that the display will flash red as seen here:

Normal video signal:


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Manipulated Signal:

    Note that legibility is not significantly affected. Further, the display can alternate between a normal display and a manipulated display in a coded pattern such that the type of error can be determined. For example, if the all red screen were to blink briefly three times, then lengthily two times, then briefly again three times, that series of


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flashes could correspond to a critical temperature warning. Also, the color used to indicate the problem could represent severity of the problem. If the video were manipulated to be yellow, the problem could be minor, for example. As another example, a code flashed in green could indicate a recovery from the given error condition.

    Note that this solution is quite feasible using today's technology since many systems management adapters carry onboard video. Even barring this, the approach indicated here can still be implemented.

    This methodology is not limited to merely flashing colors, however, it is...