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Original Publication Date: 2003-May-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-08
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Provided is a technique that improves the user interaction and behavior of software that gives user interface (and other style) information in order to overcome deficiencies with conventional approaches.

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  Provide a conventional set of style pages. In addition, provide a Visual Table of Contents composed of images of user interface components, e.g., an application user interface structure.

The Visual Table of Contents (TOC) also contains the following

A Desktop image Other system level components like a Taskbar Applications that must be integrated with Process level items involved in the design task, e.g., Object Models

Each item in the Visual TOC provides a hyperlink to a higher level of detail. An example of a higher level of detail related to a design task is the statement of Design Objectives for a product. Selection of an item in the Visual TOC executes a hyperlink and displays either a result or the next level of lower detail of a Visual TOC.

For example, selection of an Object Window on the Visual TOC displays the Visual TOC for an Object Window which contains

A graphic of an Object Window A complete list of style requirements topics related to an Object Window

Selection of an item from either the graphic or the list of topics displays specific style requirements for that item.

The technique can be applied to other tasks that benefit from improved visualization,
e.g., access of Example software to demonstrate desired appearance/behavior Implementation techniques Example software to achieve desired results (code, algorithms, etc.) Test cases and correct answers

End users will experience the following

Improved insight into wha...