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X-ray target for radiation therapy and disgnostic imaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012469D
Publication Date: 2003-May-08

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Ken Witham Bert David Egley


This invention improves upon the one disclosed in Bertsche's 'X-RAY TARGET ASSEMBLY AND ROTATION THERAPY SYSTEMS AND METHODS'. Bertsche's invention discloses a spinning target made from two different materials, one that generates MeV photons for cancer treatment and the other that generates keV photons for diagnostic images. Bertsche's invention also discloses a method for detecting the rotational position of the spinning target by evaluating and comparing the contrast level of images received from the spinning target. This invention provides an improved method for detecting the rotational position of the spinning target, which is advantageous over Bertsche's in that the control system will not have to derive the rotational position after obtaining images. More importantly, this invention provides a signal to trigger the system so that beam pulses can be placed preferentially on the high Z or low Z portions of the target.