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Patient Position and Speed Detection System in High Magnetic Field using Flight of Light Time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012473D
Publication Date: 2003-May-08

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Typical position finding devices, such as encoders, do not work under a high magnetic field within a 7T magnet room. There is a need to find an alternate system, which will give cradle/patient location. A short electrical pulse drives a semiconductor laser diode to emit a pulse of light in the device. The emitted light is collimated through a lens, which produces a very narrow laser beam. The time interval between the two electrical pulses (transmitting and receiving the beam) is used to calculate the distance to the target, using the speed of light as a constant. Due to the fact that 1) most of the components are non-ferrous or even non-metallic and 2) the working principle not being dependent on any moving parts like an encoder, the system works in the high magnetic field of a 7T magnet.