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Scalable management technique for a large collection of brokers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012574D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-15
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Existing tooling for the WMQI product can only manage a small number of brokers. The invention addresses this limitation and by utilising WMQI's own publish/subscribe technology, shows how the tooling can be adapted to manage large domains of similar brokers.

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Scalable management technique for a large collection of brokers

The invention is a technique to facilitate the deployment of message flows to a large number of message brokers (ie 1000+). With the existing techniques available the tools typically do not scale to the management of tens of brokers let alone thousands. The invention is applicable to messaging environments in which many remote components must be managed or communicated with.

    Todays messaging systems typically cannot cope with the representation of hundreds or thousands of message brokers yet customers have a need to build and manage such large implementations. In one implementation a 'conversation' must take place between a configuration manager and each broker to which a deploy message is sent. This will not scale where there are many brokers involved. The configuration manager will become a point of contention. The invention solves the problem by providing a scalable management capability. The advantage of this technique is that it allows a large number of brokers to be managed within one configuration manager which is currently not possible. This approach requires a relatively small amount of work rather than having to redevelop all of the front end tooling. Even if the tooling were to be redeveloped, designing it to manage hundreds or thousands of brokers would be extremely difficult. Applied to other pieces of software it gives an approach which will allow many thousands of entities to be managed. Another advantage is that the domain of brokers can be highly dynamic. i.e., existing brokers may be deleted or new brokers may be created without any need for re-programming from the tooling.

    The in...