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New antennae system for UHP-lamps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012582D
Publication Date: 2003-May-16
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New antennae system for UHP-lamps

In conventional UHP-lamps the antenna systems for ignition of the UHP-lamps comprise a wound metal conductor around a UV-enhancer provided in the neck/seal of the burner present in the neck of the reflector. In this way an electric field can be applied around the UV-enhancer leading to a discharge in the UV-enhancer, thus easing the ignition of the UHP-lamp. In the new antenna system the function of the metal wound conductor is taken care of by the reflective coating of the reflector by making the reflective coating (at least partially) electrically conductive. The electrically conductive, reflector coating thus is able to create an electric field around the UV-enhancer. Thus a relatively simple construction of an UHP-lamp with an antenna system is provided.