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Versatile projection screen Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012583D
Publication Date: 2003-May-16
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Versatile projection screen

The invention relates to a projection screen for a front projection system. In order to cooperate with different screen sizes dependent on the picture contents and wishes of a viewer, the projection screen comprises of different screen portions and cabinets for storing the screen portions in case the projector is not in use. Furthermore the screen portions have been provided with a control mechanism to store the individual screen portions in the cabinets. The cabinets can be mounted at or hidden in the ceiling of a room or in other furniture in the room. The control mechanism´┐Ż can be provided with a remote control receiver to control the storing of the screen portions in the cabinets on a command from the user. The remote control transmitter can be integrated in a multi-purpose remote controller, or in the front projection system.

Fig. 1 shows an example of such a projection screen in a sitting room environment, wherein a projection screen is attached to a ceiling 310 of a room. The projection screen consists of four portions 300,302,304, 306. As can be seen from the figure 1 the display screen can be easily adapted to the room, because some portions 300, 306 of the screen can be lowered less than others 302,304 . The height of the separate screen portions can be determined in advance and stored in the control mechanism so that installation of the screen is very convenient. Further advantages are that it is not necessary to reserve a large space o...