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Acoustic and performance improved FAN by FIN shape adjustment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012592D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-19
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This technology solves thermal and acoustic problems of CPU cooling FAN. Up to this day, FINs of cooling FAN are made like a duct as indicated in Picture1. When that type of FIN works, whistle like noise appears from the FIN duct, and the noise makes FAN Acoustic characteristics poor. Therefore, FAN cooling ability is limited because of smaller FAN rotation speed. FINs of new FAN are made like an "L" character as indicated in Picture2 to open a side of the duct. As a result, FINs of this new FAN is no longer working like a whistle that of the old FAN. This shape of FINs can reduce acoustic noise, and as a result, can increase FAN rotation speed compared with the old FAN. This technology requires no increase of manufacturing difficulties, cost, weight and space for cooling system improvement. This technology has realized to increase 300rpm of FAN rotation speed, and also has realized to decrease 2.5degC of CPU temperature and 0.5degC of Basecover temperature.

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Acoustic and performance improved FAN by FIN shape adjustment

  There are pictures of the old type FAN (Picture1) and the enhanced FAN (Picture2) which are indicating deference of FIN shape of the cooling FANs. Since the FIN of the old type FAN works as a heatsink and an air flow duct, the FIN shape is designed like a tube. This tube-type FIN works like a whistle and generates acoustic noise when the cooling air is blown. This makes FAN acoustic ability poor and causes less ability of cooling because FAN rotation speed is required to reduce. In case that the FINs are made like this new L-type FIN, the FINs are to be covered by FAN body (Picture3). Therefore, the cross sectional area of FAN outlet is made smaller and it also reduces cooling ability of FAN. In case of the FAN disclosed, a side of duct is removed to make L-type FIN and avoid the acoustic noise generated by the duct working like a whistle. And to prevent the leakage of cooling air flow, an opening side of FIN is capped by a sponge as indicated in Picture4. This sponge also works as a sound absorption material. And by using sponge, the FIN can get maximum height so as cooling ability of heatsink. As a result, Acoustic ability is improved 300rpm as indicated in Table.1.

Picture1. as is FAN


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Picture2. this FAN


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Picture3. example of another L-type FAN


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