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Computer keyboard with user feedback system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012638D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-19
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A computer keyboard is presented with an integrated user feedback system, optionally coupled with a device driver and/or custom software, which can selectively illuminate specific keys to assist the operator in various ways.

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Computer keyboard with user feedback system

   This invention is an special type of computer keyboard and optional driver software with semi-translucent keys and a LED under each key. The purpose of the LED is not for illumination in dark environments, but that feature can be enabled. The device driver for the keyboard is capable of illuminating the LED under each key individually. This is helpful for a number of applications. For example, applications can visually show on the actual user's keyboard what button combinations are expected to be pressed for certain functions. Take for example, when a person navigates through the menu in a word processing program to enable bold text, the driver could illuminate the "CTRL" and "B" keys for a short time to teach the user that particular shortcut. This information is easily obtained from the current operating systems. This is also useful for kiosk type applications where a user does not and should not need to understand a system or software after initial use. Children can also benefit from this type of keyboard when learning to use computers. Coupled with special educational software, a greater benefit is realized. This keyboard would not be expensive to manufacture , with an estimated cost delta of less than $10 over existing USB keyboard implementations.

Figure 1.) Illustration of feature implemented.


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This implementation will be a USB keyboard device as defined by the Windows Driver Model Keyboard Human Int...