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Polisher/Grinder Holder for Resin mounted sample. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012650D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-19
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A holder is described that allows safe, easy and well-controlled means of polishing/grinding epoxy mounted specimens for laboratory analysis.

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Polisher/Grinder Holder for Resin mounted sample.

           A known and common means of laboratory examination of a specimen is to manually grind and then polish the specimen and examine the polished specimen suface under a microscope. This invention teaches an improved method of holding the specimen while it is being ground/polished. More specifically, the invention is a specimen holder that consists of, at one end, a mounting chuck to hold the specimen securely; and, at the other end, a set of micrometers that rest on a table outside the polishing wheel. In the middle of the holder is a handle and a level indicator. The specimen holder secures the specimen being ground/polished so that it does not fly off and become a safety hazard. The two micrometers along with the level indicator allow the orientation of the surface being polished to be changed to the desired orientation. The handle, in the middle, allows ease of holding and manipulating the specimen.

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