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Universal Heat Sink Test Fixture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012653D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-19
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This disclosure described a simple and cost effective universal heat sink test fixture. The universal fixture is a general purpose tool for testing the shear strength of the heat sink to module attachment.

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Universal Heat Sink Test Fixture

  Heat Sink to Chip Module attachment is a process that needs to be qualified periodically and when it is a new process. The key qualification test includes finding the shear strength of the module and the heat sink joint. Usually we conduct a tensile test using for example Instron test machine. The Instron test machine requires a specific fixturing and trained personal.

Here, we proposed a Universal\General Purpose tool for testing the shear strength of the heat sink to module attachment. The technical benefit of this proposed tool is to minimize or avoid breakage of the chip especially for a small chip to large heat sink joint. There are several advantages of the proposed disclosure

Inexpensive Consistent test - Universal fixture make the test repeatable No need for special set up or fixturing Area - No limitation. Chip area can be as small as 6 x 6 mm (bare chip) to as large as 2 x 2 in (capped modules)

Shear Strength 600 psi - 1000 psi Loading can be varied from 1 lb min to @ 70 lbs max. Recent trend towards using lidless modules due to cost. This fixture would be ideal for low force applications. Plots of load Vs shear stress can be made for different areas for easy reference Mfg. operators and technician can easily use fixture with little training.

Heat Sink

Spring loaded Screw

Loading Adjustment Screw

Heat Sink Holder

Up and down adjustment


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The module bas...