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Tool that reminds you of your tasks based on proximity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012676D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-20
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A cell phone or a PDA can have some way of programming in reminders based on their location proximity. Each reminder is keyed in with a corresponding street address or coordinate location. When you are passing within a given distance to the target location the alarm for the reminder will go off. This mechanism will serve as a helpful reminder of tasks and would allow for making stops to the grocery store, Laundromat, Post Office etc when it is convenient.

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Tool that reminds you of your tasks based on proximity

A cell phone or a PDA would have the option of scheduling tasks based on locations (main street) and date.

This would work as follows:

A user would schedule a task by keying in the type of task, date task needs to be accomplished by, and the main street(s) where a task is supposed to take place. The user may schedule as many tasks as they like for a particular date. When the user passes that street(s) on the day of the task, the handheld device will detect the location (using some kind of GPS system) and send a reminder in form of an alarm or some other kind of reminder to the user. Implementing this on hand-held devices that a user carries around would be beneficial to the user because it will not matter on what type of transportation they are on. On any means of transport such as a bus, motorcycle, a bicycle, they'll benefit from the device. An addition to this implementation, is adding it in user's specific form of transports like cars, motorcycles and bicycles. In this scenario, instead of the user carrying a hand-held device, the mechanism will be available in their personal type of transportation. For examples, in a car, a special type of alarm could be implemented to go off whenever user passes a programmed street associated with a specific appointment.

The user could map their typical route to/from work and to/from locations they frequently visit and the device could detect and alarm the user to take...