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A System and Method for Managing Operating System Configuration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012683D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-20
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This article describes art for simplifying the procedure by which an operating system can be configured.

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A System and Method for Managing Operating System Configuration

   This invention would allow for basic voice commands to accomplish a wide range of configuration tasks, and would greatly assist the average computer end user by "hiding" the configuration complexities behind a voice friendly interface. The preferred embodiment would provide for a middleware application containing "canned modules" to perform specific operating system tasks. The following example is based on adding an Internet Protocol (IP) address, i.e., network connectivity, to the computer. Of course, a variety of commands can be implemented using the model shown here.

01. Shell scripts or compiled code, (modules), are written to perform specific configuration tasks Note: Many variations for implementation may be derived from the general invention. Specific modules could contain logic for all applicable arguments as in the command line example above, where the IP address is not the only configuration parameter, rather, additional items such as the host name and network mask are also included. Alternately, one may wish to implement single tasks per module, whereby, in this example one module would set the hostname, a second module would set the IP address, and yet a third module would set the network mask. Additionally, the voice system could be user directed, where by the user specifically calls out the module to run such as "IP Address", or could be system directed whereby the user accesses a class of services, such as IP, and a VRU type system walks the user through available menu option within that...