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Smart Documents in Document Retrieval Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012695D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-21
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A program is disclosed that enables seamless access to human-made knowledge in document retrieval systems for easy utilization of experts' knowledge in document retrieval.

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Smart Documents in Document Retrieval Systems

  A program is disclosed that enables seamless access to knowledge made by experts in document retrieval systems. Pieces of knowledge are written in a form of "smart documents," which are documents for human reading and also can be handled by programs.

A smart document consists of items, which include a title, description, search conditions for related documents, and invocation for other services. In addition to these kinds of information, keywords for a smart document can be specified for keyword indexing for document retrieval systems. Using these keywords, smart documents can be accessed as the same as normal documents for users by specifying queries.

Fig. 1 shows the system configuration.

In browsing a smart document, the current search context are taken into consideration to visualize the content of the smart document. A search context includes a history of queries which user specified, and the current set of documents. If queries are specified for items in a smart document, their queries are executed for the current document set of the search engines, and presentation changes depending its frequencies. For example, frequencies for each item are showed beside items, or if there are no documents for the specified query, then the item will not showed. In addition, results from a mining engine, or invocation to other services can be included in the same way, depending on the current search context.

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