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Front projector with processing means for projected image compensation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012700D
Publication Date: 2003-May-21
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Front projector with processing means for projected image compensation.

The invention relates to a projection system comprising a front projection device and� a projection screen.

Presently, projector devices become more compact and it is very convenient to have a small projection device with you and present images on nearly every place. However, the projection screen does not have compact sizes. Therefore, instead of an of the shelve projection screen, a lot of people use a� projection screen that is formed by a more or less flat surface of a wall or other flat object, for example a cardboard box. However, this surface can be non-white, not flat or partially illuminated and hence will decrease the image quality of the projected image.

Fig.1 shows a projection system 1 according to the invention. The projection system 1 comprises a front projection device 2 and a projection screen 4. According to the invention the projection system 1 is provided with a camera 3 for capturing a projected image 9 on a projection screen 4 and an image processor 5 to calculate a compensated image 8 in dependency of the image information to be projected 6 and the captured image 7 of the camera 3.

By using known compensating techniques it is possible to compensate for irregularities of the surface of the screen, partial illuminated portions of the screen and /or coloured portions of the screen. Thereto the image processor 5 compares the image information 6 that is to be projected and the captured...