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The laminating object which has the layer which comprise a copolymer of a 4-methyl-1-pentene and 1-hexene on the outside of substrate. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012724D
Publication Date: 2003-May-22
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The laminating object which has the layer which comprise a copolymer of a 4-methyl-1-pentene and 1-hexene on the outside of substrate. As composition of this copolymer, they are 50 - 80 % of the weight of 4-methyl-1-pentene contents, and 20 - 50 % of the weight of 1-hexene contents. Since this copolymer has the outstanding gas permeability, by using for the outer layer, it can acquire a laminating object with easy control of the degree of gas penetration . Moreover, since this copolymer has low melt point, the heat-seal properties in low temperature becomes good. Furthermore, since it excels also in the pliability in low temperature, this copolymer can be used conventionally suitable also for the use from which the pinhole, the tear, etc. had become a problem on the occasion of refrigerated transport. That is, by using this copolymer as an outer layer of a laminating object, it becomes possible to give the function of gas permeability, heat-seal properties, and pliability, with the transparency and safe health property which were excellent in 4-methyl-1-pentene system resin, so it can use for a broad use by selection of the resin used as an substrate or an adhesion layer.Specifically,for example, as a use of the product for which the character of both gas permeability and heat-seal property are needed, a blood platelet preservation bag, a cell preservation bag, etc. are mentioned, and as a product for which the character of gas permeability and the pliability in low temperature are needed, the packing material for freshness maintenance of a vegetables and fruits thing (for example, a film, a sheet, a bag, a bottle, a box, tube container, etc.) etc. is mentioned.

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 ―方で、4-メチル-1-ペンテン系樹脂は、ガス透過性は高いものの、機械的特性が低く柔軟性に� け、また、そのフィル� は融点が高いことからヒートシール性に劣るため、ヒ一トシールにより作製されたバッグは安定性に� けるという問題があった。一般に、ヒートシール性を改良する方法としては、低密度ポリエチレン、エチレン・プロピレン共重合体等のエチレン系樹脂を添� することが良く知られているが、4-メチル-1-ペンテン系樹脂においては、かかるエチレン系樹脂を添� してもヒートシール性はほとんど改善されず、逆に、分散不良を起こして耐衝撃性が低下するという� 点を有していた。そこで、4-メチル-1-ペンテン系樹脂フィル� のヒートシール性を改良する方法として、4-メテル-1-ペンテン系樹脂フィル� に、エチレン系樹脂以外の重合体を配合した4-メチル-1-ペンテン系共重合体組成物が積層されてなる積層シートが提案されている(特開2001-062968号公� �)。しかしながら、該積層体をもってしても、ヒートシール層となる4-メチル-1-ペンテン系重合体組成物の融点が高いため、ヒートシール温度が高くなってしまう問題があった。