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A system to assess component investment options in design services projects Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012730D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-22

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Engineering design services businesses help customers raise the performance of their engineering processes to a given level, and take a portion of the achieved value beyond that level. Deep technology expertise can economic value to customers in 3 ways: (a) creating new revenue streams for customers, (b) reducing their costs and expenses, or (c) accelerating their revenue streams. Being able to use internally developed technology is critical for competitive advantage in this business. Unfortunately, opportunities to reuse an internal component for a service engagement (e.g., the design of a system on a chip), are often unused, because, although they provide clear value to the engagement, they may directly harm the business performance of one or more internal organizations involved. It is therefore crucial to provide assessment tools to help partners decide to participate in a reuse transaction when the transaction provides value to the corporation as a whole. This invention addresses this challenge by (a) ensuring that all parties can quickly assess the impact of a reuse opportunity on their business performance, and (b) encouraging high-value reuse opportunities by recommending an appropriate compensation or inducement to the parties involved. The invention provides a systematic and automatable method to evaluate component investment options in design services engagements.