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A Sensor Having A Tape Cover Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012829D
Publication Date: 2003-May-30
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An image sensor includes a substrate for forming a support structure; a plurality of photosensitive areas disposed in a cavity of the substrate so that a lip is formed enclosing at least a portion of the photosensitive areas; and a light-transmitting tape having an adhesive side removably attached to the lip and extending over the photosensitive area for permitting the photosensitive areas to receive light, for protecting the photosensitive areas from debris and for providing a efficient mechanism for removing the tape if desired.

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A Sensor Having A Tape Cover

In Fig. 1, there is illustrated a sensor and cover assembly 10 made in accordance with the disclosure.� The assembly 10 comprises a sensor assembly 20 and transparent tape 30. The sensor assembly 20 includes a supporting substrate 40 having a generally planer upper surface 50.� The sensor substrate 40 is configured so as to provide a recessed cavity section 60 in which a sensor 70 is mounted in such that the sensor 70 is below the planer upper surface 50.� The substrate 40 may be made of any typical material currently used or may be used in the future.� The sensor assembly 20 further includes a plurality of electrical leads 80 which are used to mount the sensor mounting assembly 20 to a circuit board, not shown, in the manner typically used in the prior art and provide electrical connection to sensor 70.� In the particular embodiment illustrated, sensor 70 is an area array charged couple device (CCD) image sensor for capturing of images that are exposed onto the sensor.� However, it is to be understood that sensor 70 may comprise of any other image sensor or other type of substrate if so desired.

The transparent tape 30 is preferably optically clear, light-transmitting, flexible and designed to be easily and quickly applied to or removed from the sensor mounting assembly 20.� The transparent tape 30 includes two sides 90, an upward side 90a and a downward side 90b.� The downward side 90b includes a sticky adhesive thereon which is also transparen...