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Power Coupling Management System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012842D
Publication Date: 2003-Jun-02

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John Matthew Miller


Power Coupling Management System Described herein is a system for power distribution and power coupling management that may provide surge protection and is arranged to conceal and manage power coupling, e.g., cords coupled to sources of power provided by the system. The concealment and management of the power coupling occurs by way of a cover over the sockets to which the cords are coupled, thereby containing the coupling within the surge protector and providing for managing the cords. The cover may include an arrangement of ridges further contributing to the cord management. A system as described herein provides the additional advantage of enhanced child safety. Previous approaches to cord management in existing power distribution systems, e.g., outlet strips or boxes providing a plurality of outlets with a main power cord and switch and with or without surge protection, typically involve a type of hook, slot or channel. Such approaches typically do not accommodate the entire number of cords that can be plugged into the system and do not hide the unsightly tangled arrangement typically created by having many cords plugged into the plurality of sockets associated with typical power distribution systems. Also, prior approaches typically address child safety by providing a sliding cover over each socket.