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System and method to benchmark ease of software installation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012864D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-04
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The installation of software is currently accomplished via a wide range of different methodologies. As a result the complexity of the process and impact to end-users varies widely. This combination of a system and process allows a development organization to benchmark the relative ease of installation for a given product by release, or over time, to consider the comparative ease of installation for products across their entire portfolio. As this system and process is more broadly employed, it is also possible that this approach can be used to compare the relative ease of use across different organizations or different vendors. In addition, clients can use information from this system and process in order to assess the relative impact of a software application on their environment, and can gauge the relative impact of this installation on their environment.

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System and method to benchmark ease of software installation

    At present, there are no clear standards whereby one can determine in an objective manner the ease with which software can be installed. Without this information, it is difficult to gauge how significant the effort is that is required by clients to install a given software application or package. By establishing an effective methodology and system that can help quantify this impact, software developers and end users can have a basis for comparison across products, and the client's expectations can be set accordingly.

As a result, it is appropriate to identify and capture information relative to software installation in a standard manner, such that subsequent analysis is possible. From this information, a score can be formulated in order to draw comparisons from product to product. This information can be a contributing aspect to helping quantify return-on-investment, overall cost of ownership, and related economic factors that are often decision levers for a client.

There is a wide range of information that can be captured consistently that pertains to the installation of software. For example, some elements that will be elements of a benchmark include:

Average time of installation (captured from first invocation of installation program to last action in the installation process)

Total number of entry fields Total number of keystrokes Total number of mouse clicks Total number of machines deployed Total...