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Detection Mechanism for Receipt Cutting Failure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012901D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-09
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Disclosed is a method for detection mechanism for receipt cutting failure in the printer that consists of optical sensor and protrude feed guide.

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Detection Mechanism for Receipt Cutting Failure

   When one side of the receipt after printing is not cut in the receipt printer, the existing detection method incorporated with a flat paper guide and optical sensors can not perfectly detect the cutting failure. The method disclosed makes it possible for the optical sensors to be sure to detect the cutting failure that some part of a receipt is left. The detail mechanism is shown below.

The feed guide to lift the paper is newly incorporated beneath the paper at the center of paper-pass. The width and height of the lower guide(protrude guide) increase along with the paper pass so that it lifts up the cutting portion gradually (refer to figure-1). In addition to the lower guide, another guide is provided on the upper side of the paper pass. This upper guide constrain the lifting of the overall paper and it makes the cutting failure portion settled down on the paper path even after the paper passes through the guide. On the other hand, the cut portion of the paper is not restricted to be lifted by lower guide just after the exit of these guides, and finally the optical sensor of this side will not turned on. Checking the status of two optical sensors located on both side of the paper ppass can easily and surely detect the cutting failure.

The construction of invention is shown in the figure- 1.

               Figure- 1.

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