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Restructuring of branch operating process, and cooperation operating processing with the self-service dealings terminal and the teller terminal,ACM by the customer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012902D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-09

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A series of processing process can be divided into a last process and a back process by improving the processing process of individual business in a bank. Among these, time shortening of a last process can be aimed at by making the customer itself operate a last process using a touch-panel-type input terminal (for it to consider as an electronic book-keeping machine below). This enables it to aim at processing time shortening of bank operating store office work. Since it is enabled to fully automate a pretreatment by dividing a process into a pretreatment and post-processing, it also becomes possible to succeed the initial registration data inputted from the direct channel, and to succeed in a window, ACM*, etc. Moreover, it is enabled to aim at functional curtailment of a operating store terminal, and number mitigation as a secondary effect. By improving an operating processing process, the completion conditions of dealings and dealings continuation conditions by the operating channel clarify. Moreover, the processing handling media (for example, cash, a passbook, an application form, a money card, he check data etc.) is collected to the terminal equipment of exclusive use, and enables reconstruction of the old channel for customers by carrying out the design and development of the data by the customer itself on condition of a direct input. *ACM : Automated Contract/Consulting Machine