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Seamless IDE integration to remote tasks by wrapping remote task in a local process Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012904D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-09
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Disclosed is a unique way to add remote execution support to a typical workstation IDE (Integrated Development Environment). IDE's typically provide execution environment for a local process. Providing run, debug actions on local programs, and a console that handles I/O (Input/Output) with the running program. It should then be possible to create a local process that represents a program running remotely, and share the console and task control provided by the IDE for programs running remotely, in a seamless manner. This is the basis of this disclosure.

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  Seamless IDE integration to remote tasks by wrapping remote task in a local process

Often software developers work on applications locally using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) then deploy and test the applications on different platforms which requires in some cases the use of a terminal emulator.

This invention wraps a remote task (such as a Java program running on a remote VM (Virtual Machine) in a local process. The wrapper should handle I/O redirection, and task control. Once this local process is available, the (IDE) is free to interact with it as if it were a locally running process. The invention effectively allows IDE to interface with a remote process, with full I/O, and task control. This is achieved with minimum development effort and maximum infrastructure sharing.

This methodology has been used to add action to run and debug remote applications to an IDE that had no support for such activities. Details are implementation specific and are not described.

IDE's typically provide means to control and monitor the execution of local applications. Extending this support to remote tasks without developing IDE extensions is the benefit of using this invention. Goals of implementation:

Remote task appears in IDE similar as a local task, I/O is presented seamlessly in task console, Any task control (abort, etc.) available to local tasks are also available for remote tasks.

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